April 8

Q&A Session March 2023 | Volkswagen Skoda service cost myths

Here are the topics which we discussed & some questions we answered in this QnA Session.

  • Skoda VW service cost perception
  • Why serviced at 6300 km
  • Slavia GNCAP rating
  • Skoda VW long-term is more expensive than Hyundai
  • Additives for TSI Engine
  • Hood insulation cost
  • Service cost with labor charges
  • Taigun service cost
  • Start Stop Issue
  • Which is the best sedan
  • E20 compliance in E10 Skoda VW Cars
  • Kushaq vs XUV 7OO
  • Horn cost and part number
  • Why Skoda VW had niggles
  • Camera upgrade in Skoda VW 2.0 Cars
  • Bosch pressure washer
  • 360 degree camera and LED bulb as accessory in Skoda VW
  • Service packs information
  • Why are VW Skoda sales are lesser than Maruti

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