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Polo Trendline 1.0 MPI Review

VW Polo Trendline Features, Is it still worth?

VW Polo Trendline, base model; comes with some handful qualities and features at this price point which others lack within 7 lacs. Apart from impeccable paint, precise fit and finish, tank like build quality, car comes with handful safety features like 2 Airbags, ABS and Reverse parking sensors. Other than that, you can AC, Front power windows, 4 adjustable head rests, manual dimming mirror and passenger side vanity mirror.

Talking about 1.0 MPI, it provides a balanced power, nothing like a pocket rocket like TSI but serves the purpose well from A to B. Mileage is around 13 in City and 18 plus on highways if driven around with 2000 RPM. Handling and Suspension is very mature, stable and on the firm side a little.

Who should buy?

  1. 1
    Someone who is looking for a relaxed and comfortable driving.
  2. 2
    Someone who is looking for a car that feels sturdy to drive, stays rock solid at high speeds, feels amazing at the corners.
  3. 3
    Someone who is looking for a hot looking hatchback that is fun to drive under 6 lacs segment (6 lacs are approximate on-road price and will vary based on insurance chosen and city of registration) because fun to drive does not ONLY mean High Acceleration & Speed but Fun to Drive also includes these characteristics of the car: Steering feedback from Wheels to your Hand, Cornering stability, high speed stability, confidence while cornering the car, confidence while handling and tackling unwanted situations at high speeds of 80-100 or even more, confidence that your car is staying glued to the ground even at 120 and high speed winds will not blow away your car.
  4. 4
    Someone who is looking for a budget car but need no compromise with basic safety features like Rear adjustable headrests, Height adjustable driver’s seat, Tilt & Telescopic adjust steering, speed sensitive auto door locks, Seat belts wit load limiters (because in most of the cars, you need to buy top variant just to get these very basic essential features in the car).

Who should not buy?

  1. 1
    Someone who needs a very spacious hatchback and has more than one 6 footers in the family.
  2. 2
    Someone who always want to drive hard and can’t enjoy the driving unless the engine is throwing you backward in the driver’s seat.
  3. 3
    Someone who needs a car with higher ground clearance (GC is not that bad with Polo, I could never brush it against any of the big potholes or speed bumps of NCR till now but those looking for a clearly high above the ground car should consider Ford Freestyle as the first choice and Maruti Ignis as their second choice under hatchbacks segment).
  4. 4
    Someone who enjoys when seated higher in the car, because sitting inside polo makes you feel you are driving the lowest height car on road.

Source of Bullet Point Items: Team-BHP
Source of Song: Diljit and Famous Studios

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