December 28

Please watch this before buying a second hand car

Second har car offers are always drooling, but we need to be aware about the shortcomings it it come with. You try to save few lacs by spending some lacs but eventually you may end up losing your hard earned money.

We all know that people in used car markets are no saints, they will never ever tell you true issues that a car had in the past, whether it is an accident, wore out tyres, battery life, parts changed etc. We just have to believe their words and negotiating for the best rate remains the highest priority.

However, there are few scenarios where buying a second hand car is a good option.

First scenario is, if you are buying it from a really close friend or relative. There are major chances that you will get a good single hand driven car without any kind of cheating, as you have seen car being maintained well by your friend/relative.

Second scenario is, if car seller has service bills records & history along with insurance claim history. If that history is clean, you can easily figure out that what issues car have had in the past and then you can decide about your decision. A car with a clean history record is highly recommended.

Third scenario is, if you are running tight on budget and have around only 5 lacs, then prefer a New car like Tata Tiago or Hyundai Santro. Personally, I would recommend Tiago because of its solid build quality & safety assurance. A new car will give you trouble free experience for atleast 5 years, there won't be engine issues, tyre issues or battery issues which we generally relate with second hand driven cars. #secondhandcars

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