December 3

Avoid buying a BS4 diesel car

After coming across dozens of comments on my Youtube channel regarding decision on buying a BS4 car before BS6 deadline, I have decided to answer it in a simplest way possible.

Users of petrol cars have little to worry about compliance as there is very little difference between BS4 and BS6 fuels. However, the same isn’t the case with diesel vehicles. The older generation BS4 diesel has five times the sulphur content (50ppm) as compared to BS6 (10ppm). A diesel engine employs an injector to ionize fuel for combustion. Sulphur acts as a lubricant for diesel injectors. The use of BS6 diesel in older generation BS4 cars will cause the injector to wear out prematurely as low sulphur in the fuel will lead to less lubrication.

So my humble advice will be to wait till BS6 is completely implemented in India. It means, BS6 compliant engines as well as BS6 diesel fuel. If you will buy a Diesel BS6 car today but will run it on BS4 Diesel fuel, it will cause damage to your engine oil too. 

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