November 25

Nissan Magnite EZ-Shift (AMT) – Detailed Walkaround and Drive Review

This video is about the detailed walkaround and drive review of Nissan Magnite EZ-Shift (AMT). We talked about all the key points of the it including efficiency, engine, exterior, interior & driving experience.

Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH)

Despite Nissan's efforts to enhance the NVH levels of the Magnite, the 3-cylinder engine retains inherent characteristics. Upon starting the car, there's noticeable cabin shake accompanied by vibrations felt through the steering wheel, pedals, and seats.

At lower revs, the NVH remains manageable, but as the revs climb, the engine becomes notably louder and strained, particularly beyond 4,000 rpm. However, wind and tire noise are adequately controlled during highway driving.

Mileage & Fuel Economy

The claimed fuel efficiency of the Magnite AMT stands at 19.70 km/l, slightly surpassing the MT variant by 0.35 km/l. Notably, features like an ECO drive mode or an idling start/stop system, akin to the Tata Punch, are absent, which could have potentially improved the fuel efficiency figures.

Ride Comfort

In the segment of crossovers, the Magnite's ride quality at low speeds tends to be firmer than anticipated, contributing to a less than smooth urban ride experience. Even moderate potholes are distinctly felt within the cabin. Though the ride slightly improves on expressways, it never achieves a plush feel. Partly attributed to the recommended 36 PSI tyre pressure by Nissan, reducing it to 32 PSI somewhat ameliorates the situation, but road imperfections remain noticeable.

Nissan might have benefitted from a softer suspension setup for Indian road conditions. The Magnite sports 16" wheels with 195/60 section rubber, and taller tires could have filled the wheel wells and potentially improved ride quality.

Handling & Dynamics

The Magnite, like most monocoque crossovers, offers an easy and car-like driving experience, both in city traffic and on highways. It maintains satisfactory straight-line stability at high speeds and handles bumps and undulations without feeling unsettled.

Regarding handling, the Magnite's firm suspension aids its composure, even during spirited cornering. While there is some body roll, it remains within reasonable limits, allowing confident driving through twisty roads. All variants are equipped with Electronic Stability Program (ESP), a crucial safety feature that proves beneficial in emergency maneuvers.

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