January 24

Myth Ep 02: Is VW T-Roc discontinued in India?

Before the 6th December launch for VW Tiguan, it was rumored that VW AllSpace and T-Roc are discontinued. Later, during an interview with VW Officials, it was revealed that AllSpace is permanently discontinued but T-Roc availability will be analyzed in Europe so that another 1000 units can be imported. It is just that bookings were closed for both cars as they were sold out. It was important to announce that because otherwise potential Tiguan users would shift towards T-Roc or even Taigun GT customers would ask for T-Roc.

With global chip shortage going on and automobile demand all-time high, it is likely that we might not see T-Roc in India in 2022 as latest gen has great demand in the European market. But, we might see latest gen VW T-Roc in 2023 in a fresh avatar as a CKD as per my sources in VW Management. Till then, fingers crossed. 

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