October 29

My overall experience and off camera discussion at VW Pune Plant

In this video, I am sharing my experience at VW Chakan, Pune Plant & what points I shared with top management off camera in the discussion.

Here are the points which I shared in this video. 

  • Invite to Pune information and travel
  • Why I see it as a lifetime achievement
  • 2 USPs - Safety and Driving Dynamics
  • Skeleton platform in the showrooms
  • Need 6 years of paint and corrosion warranty
  • Bring VW signature features back
  • Consider a panoramic sunroof
  • Need a car under 12 lacs too
  • Is T-Roc coming in 2023
  • Why don't we get new models quickly
  • Talked about 2.0 quality shortcomings
  • Service cost should be monitored
  • High maintenance anxiety barrier
  • Measurement lab at VW, Chakan
  • My Lifetime experience

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