May 21

Mitsubishi PAJERO SFX 2009 SFX Review after 1.20 Lacs KMs | Real TANK of SUVs

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In this video, I am reviewing my friend's Mitsubishi PAJERO SFX 2009. The odometer reading is approximately at 1.20 Lacs KM.

Issues if you prefer a second hand Pajero

  • Parts availability, though easy is not over the counter like needed for a primary car.
  • FE is bad considering a primary car. Expect 6-8 in City and 7-9 in highways. The worst and probably the best part is the engine. If you've driven a Mahindra Tractor derived Di engine you'll get an idea. Meaning. It has good low-end torque, much better than newer CRDe engines, but that's all about it. 
  • You have to drive it in a highway to see how bad it is. I for one, am not a fan of 100+ speeds but I'd like to get to 80 or 100 pretty fast and stay there. The stock Pajero is a slouch and will take ages to reach 100.
  • Storage space and interior practicality is bad.
  • All Pajeros now available would be at least 6 years old. The one you are looking at is 11 years old. Ideally, you should never want a 11-year-old premium car as a primary car.
  • Not all workshops repair the Pajero, make sure you have one nearby or else they'll mess with your car and pocket.

With the current prices, the vehicle is an absolute value for money. You can get a good one for the Price of a used Thar.

The Pajero is probably the best in:

  • Road Handling: Slot it into 4H and you can eat up the ghats with a 3-ton mammoth. Will leave peoples jaw hanging. 
  • Comfort, especially Middle seat.
  • Superb offroad capability. With a good bumper design, it can do probably everything a Thar can.
  • Again, extremely comfortable and agile while offroading.
  • Very reliable vehicle.
  • Absolutely awesome seating position all around. Great visibility and ergonomics. Not truck-like, but definitely not car-like. Can command the road like a king.
  • Great low end. Along with great visibility, makes it driving in town so much fun.
  • Scope for unlimited modifications. All major offroad parts suppliers have bolt-on suspension, camping and mechanical mods.

Source: Team BHPian - Dhanush

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Mitsubishi PAJERO

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