October 20

Minimum equipment required to make Automobile Vlogs

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If you're thinking of starting your own automobile vlog, here are a few things you'll need.

Equipment that are required
  • A Good Phone with EIS or OIS and ultrawide camera
  • A Collar Mic
  • Car Mobile Holder
  • Hand Held tripod
  • Regular tripod with flexible mobile holder
  • Tools like iMovie or Movavi to edit videos & voiceover
Upgrade to these equipment when you have good experience
  • Action Camera & DSLRs
  • RODE Mic (Condenser and On-Camera)
  • Gimbal for a phone
  • Suction pump mobile holder
  • Studio setup with proper lights & noise proofing

Buy Online

For your convenient, Here are the quick links of products mentioned above to buy online.

Products to buy when you have some experience and want to invest more money and time to vlogging

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