January 30

Mid Size SUVs Comparison & Analysis | Creta – Seltos – Taigun – Kushaq – Astor

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If you spend over 10 Lacs on a car and your budget is around 20-22 Lacs, you have lot of options available. You have mid size SUVs, Sedans, proper SUVs Innova crysta, Hycross, XUV 700 & harrier etc. 

As a customer, Here is my top pick of mid size SUVs available in market right now.

Top mid size SUVs

  • MG Astor
  • VW Taigun
  • Skoda Kushaq
  • Kia Seltos
  • Hyundai Creta

Please watch the video above for detailed explanation why I chose these cars.

Disclaimer: These ratings are creative work by the volklub team, viewers are advised to cross-check everything before their purchase decision. Creator won't be responsible if anything presented comes out as false or incorrect. 

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  • Being a VW customer already, was looking for mid size SUV for my wife.Taigun was almost finalized, but due to poor ASCs in Bengaluru & for peace of mind we finalized Kia Seltos. No matter how good the car is, after sales service matters a lot. There are lot of complaints in VW ASCs , if they can’t rectify this problem, they may have to shut the doors soon!

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