June 21

May 2022 QnA Session | Skoda Slavia Common Questions

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This is 4th Session of our QnA Series. Last 3 sessions have very positive feedback, hence I decided to bring the 4th one.

Here are the topics which we discussed & some questions we answered in this QnA Session.

  • Is Slavia better built than City/Verna
  • Is Slavia's dashboard flimsy
  • Is Slavia a combination of SUV and Sedan
  • Is Polo coming back to India
  • Ownership cost of VW/Skoda vs Tata/Hyundai
  • Slavia vs Rapid quality
  • Taigun vs Slavia
  • Suspension in old vs new cars
  • VW 2.0 car handling is compromised
  • Baleno vs Amaze
  • Repair an old car or buy a new one
  • Will VW bring CNG cars
  • Polo CBU in 2023
  • Replace Vento with Slavia
  • How to get discounts
  • Slavia in 13 Lacs
  • Tucson review

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QnA Session

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