June 21

Maruti Suzuki Alto future uncertain after 6 Airbags rule

As per rush lane and interview given by RC Bhargava to Economic Times

Entry-level models like Maruti Alto, S-Presso, and Renault Kwid are expected to bear a heavy brunt due to the addition of four airbags.

In an interaction with Economic Times, Bhargava expressed his concerns regarding the future of small cars in India due to this new law. He further revealed that he is uncertain if six airbags will fit into small cars since they were not designed keeping 6 airbags in mind. 

Putting four extra airbags would increase the cost of cars significantly and might turn out to be a huge setback for the sales of small cars in the country. Currently, two airbags are mandatory in all vehicles- one for the driver and one for the front passenger. The driver’s seat airbag rule was made mandatory in July 2019 while the one for the front passenger’s seat came into effect from January 2022. Maruti is studying the feasibility of adding four airbags to its entry-level models which are estimated to increase the final cost of a car by Rs 60,000.

Source: Rushlane

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