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July 11, 2022

Maruti S Presso being Discontinued because of Low Sales

Maruti Suzuki has 14 passenger vehicles for sale in India through Arena and Nexa dealerships. Along with the Alto, the S-Presso is at the entry level of the Maruti Suzuki range. The S-Presso is the second cheapest vehicle in the Indian car giant's range.

This small car is offered in Std, LXi, VXi, VXi Plus trims. It is offered with value-added options such as AMT transmission and CNG fuel options that keep running costs under control. In a recent exercise, Maruti Suzuki dropped some of its variants from the line-up.

The company did not disclose the reason for this move. As of June 2022, Maruti S-Presso sales have dropped to just 652 units. This is the lowest ever monthly sales released by Maruti S-Presso, excluding the closing months of April 2020 and May 2020.

In the first months after its launch, S-Press sales averaged 10,000 units. However, sales slowly declined to approximately 5-7 thousand units per month.

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Sales are down

Considering the S-Presso sales report for the last 12 months, a total of 64 thousand units were sold for an average monthly volume of 5.3 thousand units. It was a big surprise when sales dropped to just 652 units in June 2022. There is no update as to why there was such a huge drop in S-Presso sales. In June 2021, S-Presso sales stood at 4,926 units. This represents an 87% year-on-year decline, while the month-on-month decline is 85%.

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Variants Discontinued

As for the variants that have been discontinued, there are a total of six of them. Base Std, LXi, LXi CNG, VXi, VXi AMT and VXi CNG. This move makes Std (O) the new base model. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso prices now start from Rs. 3.98 lakh (ex-sh) for the base Std (O) and goes to the VXi Plus AMT and VXi (O) CNG. Currently on sale are Std (O), LXi (O), VXi (O), VXi Plus, VXi (O) AMT, VXi Plus AMT, LXi (O) CNG and lastly VXi (O) CNG variants. All variants that did not get the optional (O) trim package, except for the top-of-the-line VXi Plus trim, are discontinued.

Info Source:  RushLane

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