Maruti beats Samsung to become top customer-facing MNC in India

After Samsung India reported reduced revenues in FY2022, Maruti Suzuki has reclaimed its title as the largest MNC with a customer-facing business in India.

In FY2021–2022, Samsung India's revenue increased by 8.6% to Rs 82,451 crores.

According to a media report, Maruti reported revenue of Rs 88,295 crore in FY2021-22 while Samsung India's revenue increased by 8.6% to Rs 82,451 crore. In FY2021, the income of the Korean smartphone manufacturer has overtaken that of the biggest automaker in India.

The majority (67%) of Samsung's revenue comes from the mobile phone industry. It produced Rs. 55,201 crores of revenue alone by itself. Home appliance sales account for 12% of the company's total revenue, which is Rs 9,981 crores.

Samsung India's net profit decreased by 4.9% to Rs 3,844 crores despite an increase in revenue.

Info Source:  Economics Times

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