December 17

Mahindra Scorpio N – zero stars in ANCAP – Detailed Analysis

In this video, we do detailed analysis of the Zero stars rating of Mahindra Scorpio N in ANCAP.

Key Discussion

  • ANCAP Analysis
  • Adult Safety Ratings
  • Child Safety Ratings
  • Road User Safety
  • Safety Assist Features
  • Conclusion and way forward

ANCAP rating

The Mahindra Scorpio 4WD from India and the MG 5 sedan from China have both received zero-star safety ratings from the Australasian New-Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). This designation marks the second and third instances in the safety organization's 30-year history, following the Mitsubishi Express van (rebranded Renault Trafic) in 2020.

Scorpio in Australia & NZ

The Mahindra Scorpio, launched in Australia in April 2023 and New Zealand in August 2023, garnered this ANCAP safety rating across all its variants. While dual frontal, side chest-protecting, and side head-protecting airbags for the first and second rows are standard, the third-row occupants lack the protection of side head-protecting airbags. Furthermore, a center airbag aimed at preventing occupant-to-occupant interaction is absent.

Testing Variant

The assessment specifically applies to the six-seat variants available in Australia, whereas New Zealand offers a seven-seat variant with a second-row center seat equipped with a lap-only seatbelt. ANCAP highlights that a lap-only seatbelt doesn't provide the same level of safety as a lap-sash (three-point) seatbelt and does not recommend its use for occupants of any size.

Lack of Features

Crucially, none of the Mahindra Scorpio variants feature an autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system or a lane support system (LSS). Additionally, the vehicle lacks a seatbelt reminder (SBR) for second and third-row seating positions, a driver monitoring system (DMS), speed limit information function (SLIF), or child presence detection (CPD) system.

More videos about Scorpio N

Please watch the full video for detailed information.

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