January 3

January 2022 QnA Session | 21 Questioned Answered

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In our January 2022 Q&A Session, I selected questions from my YouTube comment section as well as questions from Volklub Website and attempted to provide the best possible answer and my honest opinion to them.

Here are the topics which we discussed & some questions we answered in this QnA Session.

  • Want to change Wagon R with a powerful and safer car
  • Unhappy with the expensive service cost of Celerio CNG
  • Best Petrol MT SUV under 13 Lakhs
  • Should I put seat covers for Polo and best brand
  • Compass or Harrier
  • Taigun Torque Converter or DSG
  • How to fix wrinkles on leather seats
  • Best bike among Bullet, Jawa, and Honda CB 350
  • Need a powerful and dynamic car for hilly areas under 16 lakhs
  • Tiguan or Superb
  • Unhappy after booking a Kia Seltos
  • Any discounts on Taigun HL
  • T-Roc music system issues
  • Is Verna a safe car, what do I think about Verna overall
  • Unhappy after booking a Kushaq for 21 Lakhs on road
  • Feeling bad after booking a Creta because of safety concerns
  • Is upcoming Tucson safe in India after Zero stars in Latin NCAP
  • Should I replace Ciaz with Polo 1.0 TSI
  • Unhappy with Taigun build, should buy T-Roc?
  • Should I use 95 Octane fuel all the time for Turbo Petrol car
  • Traction Control and ESC difference

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QnA Session

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