December 12

Is VW Tiguan worth buying at 32 Lacs | Detailed Brutal Analysis

The perfection of a car like Tiguan cannot be expressed in words. One has to own a VW vehicle to understand it.
  • Unmatchable paint quality
  • 2.0 TSI with 7 Speed Wet Clutch DSG
  • Acres of space in the cabin & boot
  • Top-notch interior fit & finish with all bells & whistles like a digital cockpit, panoramic sunroof, ambient lighting, seat quality & soft-touch materials.
  • All-wheel drive with 4Motion Driving modes
  • Long-lasting mechanical parts & reliable electronics including complex safety features that we can trust blindly on road.
  • Safety as good as any 60 lacs rupee car in real-time road accident
  • Perfect precision in panel gaps, rubber beading, and metal ends
  • Underbody layout, protection insulation, and rust resist coatings
  • Suspension, handling, comfort & high-speed manners

It’s a pure class just like T-Roc in its segment and finds its takers that understand Quality & Class. No wonder Tiguan is the highest selling SUV in Germany with over 60,000 units sold every year. Golf sells 1.5 lacs (Number 1) and Passat 62,000 every year.

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