December 11

Is VW 2.0 strategy already on backfoot? Emotional analysis by a staunch fan

As discussed in the video, as a fan of VW/Skoda I feel a little disappointed from the quality point of view from the latest VW/Skoda cars like Kushaq and Taigun. They had full 8 years to launch a new Indian-made car and after marketing localization up to 95%, all they come up with was Kushaq and Taigun.

These cars not only lack German finesse but they don't even match Koreans (Creta & Seltos) in fit and finish. Cutting corners to keep costs under check is a different thing but compromising on the fundamentals of the brand is a different thing altogether. Cars like Polo and Rapid were still doing good numbers in sales because they reflected the brand's quality, German/European precision complemented with driving dynamics, high-grade durable plastics, heavy build & construction, classy yet abuse worthy interiors, paint quality, and durable electronics.

With 2.0 strategy, VW and Skoda might rack up some quick numbers because of the initial excitement but these cars aren't really worthy to get consistent sales like Polo/Rapid have done for VW Group for the last 10 years. These were no-nonsense cars that quality lovers looked for under 15 lacs by compromising on features but not on safety/ quality/ driving manners. 

Last year, I raised my budget straight to 22 lacs whereas initially, it was only 15 lacs. I ruled out cars like Honda City, Kia Seltos & Tata Harrier in favour of the VW T-Roc because this car had the mettle that one looks for in a VW. Not only it has a plethora of safety features and convenience features, it feels like a tank and proudly carries 5 stars Euro-NCAP safety badge.


As a VW Fan, I really want Skoda/VW to not only survive but thrive. For this, they have to show their A-game. Something that Jeep has done with Compass is consistently doing 1200 units per month despite charging too much premium for the brand value and quality. VW Group should stick to its strength which is impeccable build quality, zero cost-cutting, high-grade plastics, perfect insulation, no glaring corners, no welding spots, no ugly exposed mechanism/screws, sublime paint quality and durable Engines/Electronics/Transmission. 

But their latest offering doesn't reflect that, especially in the quality department and durability department either after ECU fiasco. As a fan, I would request VW Group - Global to look into the quality analysis team & management to ensure that their 2.0 strategy is a success after spending hefty 8000 crores in India on the new platform. 

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