September 24

Why VW T-Roc is better than Seltos Creta and Harrier

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Why Volkswagen T-Roc

Got my VW T-Roc at Ludhiana for 22.10 on road on 18th September, I did lot of research and took this decision and after having Polo for last 8 years, I couldn't like any other brand's quality. Cars considered and cancelled because:

Seltos: 19.50 for dual tone GTX DCT on road with no discounts, cancelled.

Which cars were cancelled?

Honda Civic: Interiors didn't feel like 20 lacs car, doors were at par with City, CVT was a disappointment for 23+ lacs car.

Tata Harrier: Best in this class but fit and finish needs work

Honda City: Didn't had rear wheel well cladding, scream cheapness

Hyundai Creta: New Design gave me headaches

VW Vento: Don't have 6 airbags

Jeep Compass: Poor sales don't encourage to invest in JEEP

T-Roc Positives
  • Euro NCAP 5 stars safety
  • Better length and width than Creta/Seltos. Height is lesser in T-Roc
  • It looks like Audi Q3 and actually build on Q2's platform
  • Quality is unmatched, things like underbody metal protection, 6 years paint warranty, 12 years corrosion warranty is missing in other brands
  • 4 years standard warranty
  • Heap of safety features including lane assist, front sensors, frontal crash warning and heated side mirrors.
  • Digital Cockpit
  • Panaromic sunroof is great
  • 1.5 TSi motor with DSG is still a combo that Koreans can only dream of. They do have a DCT but yet to master it.
  • Leather seats
  • Projector headlamps & rear lights
  • Cornering lamps, puddle lamps, heated seats and heated side mirrors.
  • Full underbody protection
  • 4 years warranty upto 1 Lac KMs
  • 12 Years of anti corrosion and 12 years of paint warranty.
  • Tank like build and flawless fit/finish
T-Roc Negatives
  • 360 degree camera
  • Powered front seat adjustments
  • Soft touch materials should have been there in the interior
  • Some Cons that I found so far in my car:
  • Grab handles in the inside are little flimsy and they creak too
  • Rear space is average/comparable to Harrier
  • Pricier by 2 lacs for what it offers
  • Future parts availability remains a gamble
What makes it better than the competition

Why it is better than the competition:

Engine: T-Roc's 1.5 TSI with 7 speed DSG gearbox is miles ahead than Compass's 1.4, Seltos's 1.4 GDI and Creta's 1.4 Turbo Petrol with DCT Gearbox. It will take these brands many more years to match the quality of drive provided by TSI & DSG. It goes 0-100 in 8.40 seconds making it the fastest car in India under 30 lacs segment.

Size: T-Roc is wider than Seltos/Creta. Wider than Compass. However height is lesser.

Build Quality: Since it is a CBU and made in Portugal, quality is impeccable. Volkswagen has cut no corners here. Paint & Corrosion warranty is 12 years. Which other brand provides that? It is build like a Tank, comes with under body engine protection, even panel gaps, great insulation all over and plastic materials are build to last. Koreans can only dream of making such perfect build.

Safety Features: Comes with 6 airbags, TC, Hill Assist, Lane Assist (Segment First), Rear Parking Camera, Front Sensors, Front Crash Control and 5 stars in Euro NCAP which is a benchmark in global safety.

Convenience Features: Panaromic Sunroof, 6 Speakers, Digital Cockpit (Segment first), 8" InfoScreen with Apple/Android connectivity, auto headlamps, auto dimming inner mirror, puddle lamps, auto wipers, rear washer & wiper, 60:40 split seats, 440 liters boot space, tilt-telescope steering adjust, electronic handbrake and dual zone AC.

Only thing it misses out are Cruise Control and Electric adjustable seats but these doesn't matter to me. I have driven VW Polo for last 8 years and these Japanese/Koreans cars felt too flimsy to spend 15+ lacs. I am glad that I got a globally successful product at around 22 lacs which is miles ahead than its competitors. You need to have one to understand. Only stats or one look will not suffice.

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