December 21

Is Hyundai i20 an only option in the absence of VW Polo and Altroz AT

Here is some pro and cons about Hyundai i20 N, which you should have in mind before buying it.

What you'll like in Hyundai i20 N
  • Aggressive styling with distinctive touches that set it apart from the garden-variety i20
  • Punchy 1.0 turbo-petrol motor with 118 BHP on tap
  • Firm yet compliant suspension coupled with a weighted steering + paddle shifters + fruity exhaust note that make the i20 N Line fun
  • Tasteful N Line-exclusive steering wheel, gear selector, red accents etc. liven up the interior
  • Feature-rich equipment list includes cruise control, LED projectors, voice-activated sunroof, wireless charging & more
  • Spacious cabin with a 311 liter boot makes this a practical yet fun-to-drive car
  • Price premium over the regular i20 is totally justified by the additions & improvements
  • Safety kit = ESP, 6 airbags, rear disc brakes, Blue Link SOS, Hill Assist.
What you won't Like
  • Although well-priced in relation to the i20 Asta variant, it is still an expensive hatchback
  • Offering an iMT and not a proper MT on the i20 N Line is ridiculous!
  • 1.0L DCT variant shows initial lag. Even otherwise, it’s not as explosive as VW’s 1.0 Turbo
  • Some misses such as auto wipers, split folding rear seats.
  • You absolutely need a tyre upgrade. The OEM rubber gives up easily
  • This 3rd-gen i20’s styling can be polarizing, unlike the more neutral previous generation cars
  • Dual-clutch ATs have had a troubled reliability record in India
  • More of a warmed-up hatchback in terms of power & handling, rather than a “hot hatch” like an Abarth Punto

Description: Team-BHP

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