April 8

Hyundai Venue Ownership review after 45000 kms

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This video is about the ownership review of Hyundai Venue. The car has 45000 kms on odometer and has completed 3 years.

Key Highlights

  • Service Cost
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Pricing
  • Performance downgrade after 3 years
  • Why Virtus over Venue
  • Interiors
  • Experience with MS Swift
  • Why people prefer Hyundai
  • Accident Incident
  • Middle-class compulsions
  • Why Virtus over Verna
Hyundai Venue Pros
  • A mini-Creta in almost every way! Same formula, in a smaller package
  • Precise build & quality (including interiors) are easily among the segment best
  • Competent engines mated to slick gearboxes
  • Fast-shifting dual-clutch Automatic gearbox available
  • Balanced road manners. Very easy to drive as well
  • Loaded to the gills with equipment (paddle shifters, drive modes, sunroof, BlueLink telematics, cabin air purifier etc.)
  • Top safety equipment includes 6 airbags, BAS, ESP, HSA, ISOFIX and more
  • Hyundai's competent after-sales & fuss-free ownership experiences
Hyundai Venue Cons
  • Diminutive street presence. Looks more hatchback than SUV from some angles, especially the rear
  • Strictly a 4-seater; the rear bench has very awkward seating for the middle occupant
  • Missing kit (auto wipers, auto-dimming IRVM, steering reach adjustment...)
  • Long term reliability of the DCT is a concern
  • Engine noise is very prominent, more so in Sport mode
  • AT only on the petrol, not the diesel. Kia Sonet gets a Diesel AT

Please watch the video above for detailed information.

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