August 31

Hyundai Creta Diesel SX AT | Ownership Review at 27000 KMs

The most awaited ownership review of Hyundai Creta diesel is finally here. My friend Aayush shares his ownership experience of owning a Creta.
What You'll Like in Creta
  • A superbly engineered all-rounder that delivers a premium experience
  • We find the Hyundai Creta to be well-priced for what it offers
  • User-friendly interiors with sufficient space & good quality parts
  • Loved the 1.4L turbo-petrol & 1.5L diesel. These are fantastic engines
  • Smooth & competent automatic gearboxes available. With the useful "auto-hold" feature too
  • Sorted road manners & handling for a Hyundai, including on the highway. You will be surprised!
  • The Creta's safety package includes 6 airbags, ESP, all-wheel disc brakes, TPMS etc.
  • Impressive kit (panoramic sunroof, paddle shifters, Bose sound system, cooled seats, cabin air purifier & loads more)
  • Hyundai's competent after-sales service, fuss-free ownership & upto 5-years standard warranty
What You Won't
  • Oddball love it or hate it styling. We find the Creta's exterior design to be too weird & futuristic
  • Firmer suspension isn't as cushy as the 1st-gen Creta. It is more comfortable than the Seltos though
  • Back seat's width makes it better for 2 adults and a kid, rather than 3 adults
  • Some misses (no auto wipers, 360-degree camera, illuminated window buttons, full-size spare tyre on top trims)
  • Dual-clutch ATs (like the Hyundai Creta Petrol DCT) have a history of poor reliability in India
  • Diesel’s 113 BHP & 250 Nm – although adequate – are the lowest in the segment. Old 1.6L CRDi was superior
  • No manual transmission available with the fast 1.4L Petrol (Seltos offers this combo)
  • The stiffer Seltos has an edge in the handling department. IMHO, the Kia is better looking too
  • You get bigger SUVs & Crossovers for the same money (e.g. Hector, Harrier, XUV500)

Info Source: Team BHP

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