Hydrogen will be India’s future, and EV battery costs will fall soon: Mr. Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, stated today that he believes hydrogen is the fuel of the future and that Indian automobiles will operate on hydrogen and green fuels in the future. 

"Every year, we buy Rs. 16 lakh crore of fossil fuel, but our farmers will soon create green fuel and green hydrogen," he remarked. 

He also predicted that India will become a significant exporter of lithium in the near future, resulting in lower Lithium Ion battery pricing.

He also looked happy with the development of new motorways, saying, "In the next years, public transportation in the country will be revolutionized, and the new roadways will substantially reduce travel time between vital cities." He added that his goal was to build 60 kilometers of road per day. 

He also stated that on the new highways, new infrastructure such as helipads and drone pads will be created for speedy and emergency transportation.

He also noted that in order to reduce accident rates, individuals should be cautious and observe rules, use seatbelts, and wear helmets when riding two-wheelers. He also asked people to start teaching road safety at an early age in order to make Indians aware of the issue.

Info Source:  Car and Bike

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