August 24

How to wash your car like a PRO at home

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This video is about how you can wash your car like a pro at home. For your convenience, I have shared whole washing process step-by-step below.

Steps To Properly Wash Your Car

  • Take off mats & clean pockets
  • Use a vacuum cleaner
  • Blower for AC Vents
  • Wipe off the dashboard with a wet microfiber cloth on stains, use the product only for tough stains
  • Clean the inner door closing frame area with a shampoo cloth
  • Wash mats & dry them with a blower/sun
  • Top to bottom spray water
  • Apply soap with a mitt
  • Rinse
  • Wash tyres
  • Use a towel or blower
  • Use Polish & Polisher
  • Clean the glass area and tyres with specific products
  • Wax plastics and claddings

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You can check Meguiar's and Turtle Wax products too as it depends on your budget:

Machines Used in the video:

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