August 19

How to Check Engine & Evaluate Second Hand Car

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In this video, I am sharing top 10 points to remember before you buy a used/second hand car. We will discuss what & how to check every important part of the vehicle.

  • How to check a car mechanically
  • How to check Engine, Gearbox, and Clutch issues
  • How to check if the engine is overhauled
  • How to evaluate a car or check its correct value
  • Loans for second-hand cars
  • How to inspect a car from the exterior
  • What to do if a dealer scams you or sells an accidental car
  • What should a mechanic charge to inspect a car
  • Should we buy a car or brand that is discontinued
  • Paperwork and RC Transfer

Expert in the video 

Harmanpreet Singh, CarZ No.1 - Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana (Near Keys Hotel) Mobile Number: 9876162816 and 7696010816 

Check RC Details Online:

You can RC details from mParivahan App or from this:  Check RC Details Online

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