August 15

How did Mahindra price XUV700 priced so low?

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Mahindra has left everybody speechless with XUV700 pricing

Mahindra has shaken the car market and has sent cat among the pigeons by pricing their full size premium SUV with great power trains both Petrol and Diesel starting from 11.99 only. With a pricing from 11.99 to 20 lacs, it will directly compete with many segments including Nexon, XUV3OO, Harrier, Safari Creta, Seltos, Taigun and Kushaq

I'm thoroughly confused looking at Mahindra's lineup and I am left with too many questions!

The XUV700 starts at a price point lower than Scorpio and Thar. Wasn't XUV700 Supposed to be Mahindra's Flagship (intentionally ignoring ssangyong)

The base petrol is offered at the same price of Bolero Neo's top end
Some variants of XUV300 are more expensive when compared to XUV700 (those revealed as of now)

5 seater or 7 seater more value for money?

If XUV700 is being offered with a 5 seater option then what'll happen to supposed XUV500 that was to make a comeback?

Provided the shock pricing XUV700 has launched at, will it be safe to assume that the new Scorpio will start around XUV300 ' start price
(I know the variants of the cars pointed at may vary at being a diesel or petrol but given the small difference in Petrol/diesel it seems acceptable)

Other than that, Plastic Tail Gate is a thorough disappointment and a deal breaker for me too because this creates too many doubts for the safety especially for the rear passengers as a 7 seater.

It will be interesting to see how XUV7OO price its automatic variants and 7 seater too.

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