March 26

How Corona Has Impacted Indian Car Market

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During this prolonged lockdown period, our main challenge is to keep ourselves safe at home along with our families but at the same time, we need to ensure that our cars remain in good shape too.

To avoid any part failure or if you don't want any unexpected thing to happen, please start your car once a week, keep it on for atleast 10 minutes, check all electronics like power windows, lights, side mirror and sunroof. Move your car back and front a little, check tyre pressure and if you have your own garage, don't put on hand brake.

Why safety is more important than mileage?

As I have always stressed on safety in my old videos too, here also I want to stress on the safety. After seeing people being extra cautious in stocking hand sanitizers, liquid soaps and N95 Masks, have you ever though that why you buy an unsafe car even when you can get a safe car in the same price? Have you ever compared GNCAP safety ratings for the cars within your budget? Here are GNCAP safety ratings for some of the famous cars:

Maruti Alto: Zero/5
Hyundai i10: Zero/5
Hyundai Santro: 2/5
Wagon R: 2/5
Maruti Swift: 2/5
Maruti Ignis: 3/5
Ford Figo: 3/5
Tata Tiago: 4/5
Volkswagen Polo: 4/5
Toyota Liva: 4/5
Honda Amaze: 4/5
Tata Altroz: 5/5
Tata Nexon: 5/5

How pandemic will help increase in second hand car sales?

So, please prefer a safer car and show same concern for the family as you are showing during CoronaVirus Lockdown. After this lockdown, I believe, car sales will rise like never before especially in the budget segment. Second hand cars will see bumper sales too as people will prefer their own vehicle to avoid other people. Social distancing will become a norm in next year or so.

For second hand cars, we do have some great value for money petrol cars in budget less than 1 lac like Zen, Santro, Wagon R and Alto.

In budget higher than 2 lacs, for second hand cars we have good and reliable options like Honda City, Amaze, Etios and Swift.

In new cars, we do have options like Tata Tiago, VW Polo and Tata Nexon if you prefer safety within 10 lacs bracket.

Please let me know if you have any questions in comments.

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