October 20

How can Mahindra reclaim 3rd position in sales again

Here is latest round of info on the XUV700. 

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    The chips for the infotainment system are provided by Qualcomm. According to my sources, all the XUVs which were given to media personnel and for display and TD purposes have an older generation of chips while Qualcomm has provided Mahindra with newer and faster chips for the customer cars. This should improve the processing time for touchscreen commands and functions.
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    According to my sources initial lot of petrol XUV owners which have their deliveries scheduled in the next 3 to 4 months can expect brake pad noise issue while later batches of XUV will be more or less free from it. Most likely XUVs produced till December this year will have this issue.
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    Mahindra has excess petrol engines in the plant as compared to diesel and also chips specific to diesel engine are in shortage which is why petrol production is being prioritized initially.
  4. 4
    First lot of XUV buyers who are buying lower variants fitted with manual seat adjustment should lookout for excessive play in the seat when reclining especially the passenger seat. This will be resolved in later batches.
  5. 5
    Initial lot of XUVs will also likely have more lag in reversing camera feed as in the car moves a bit later in the feed as compared to the actual motion of the car. This will also be resolved later.
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    The external consulting firm that Mahindra has hired for letting the customer know the exact delivery date of their beloved XUV700 is none other than Accenture.
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    Production capacity till January is around 5k units per month while it will be ramped up to around 9k units by the 2nd week of January 2022.
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    My sources are telling me that petrol XUV customers should not expect more than 5-6 kmpl for automatic and 6-7 kmpl for manual versions in bumper to bumper traffic. Getting double digit figures in city should be a cause for celebration.
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    The XUV900 will get a twin scroll turbo Mhawk diesel with 210 bhp while Mahindra may decide to plonk the same engine in the XUV700 when the facelift arrives.
  10. 10
    This generation of Mhawk diesel engines will be the last diesel engines developed by Mahindra and future will solely be Petrol and Electric.

Mahindra XUV700 Pros
  • Handsome styling matched to solid build quality. Has street presence, feels robust.
  • Very spacious interiors with comfortable seats and sorted ergonomics. 6-footer passengers welcome!
  • 182 BHP turbo-diesel & 197 BHP turbo-petrol make for a potent line-up.
  • Smooth 6-speed torque converter Automatics available with both engines.
  • Sorted suspension with good road manners & high speed stability.
  • AWD available for the adventurous, unlike most FWD crossovers in the segment.
  • Loaded with features like radar-based driver assistance system, pop-out door handles, panoramic sunroof, driver memory seat, 360-degree camera, 10.25" infotainment & instrument cluster etc.
  • 12-speaker Sony audio system is fantastic! You'll enjoy its sound quality.
  • Safety features include 7 airbags, ESP, all-wheel disc brakes, hill hold, hill descent control, driver drowsiness detection, TPMS, ISOFIX..
Mahindra XUV700 Cons
  • Negligible boot space with the 3rd-row seat up. Either 5 onboard, or 7 with a roof-top carrier.
  • Cramped 3rd-row seat is best suited to children only. A sliding middle row is sorely missed.
  • Petrol AT is thirsty due to its hefty weight, 197 BHP & torque-converter AT.
  • Some cabin plastics & a few rough areas don't feel premium in an otherwise loaded SUV.
  • Missing features such as an auto-dimming IRVM, ventilated seats, paddle shifters, full-size spare wheel, ambient lighting, rear sun blinds.
  • Concerns over niggles & bugs in a freshly baked, complex Mahindra. We saw 2!
  • Mahindra's after-sales service is a hit or miss. Remains a gamble.
  • AWD is available just with the Diesel AT, and not the MT or petrol.

Info Source: Team-BHP

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