January 16

Honored as the most loyal customer of 9 years from Lally Motors, Ludhiana

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As discussed in the video yesterday there was an Annual Management Meet at Lally Motors where top management discuss the previous year's performance and plan for the upcoming year, motivate sales and management staff for a better year. I was invited by Harvinder Singh and Sandeep Singh who are part of top management in VW Lally Group to interact with the top management, share my opinions and motivate staff as an existing loyal customer.

I tried to raise these points with the top management so that they can share the feedback with VW, India.

  • Should not worry about the overlapping of prices in the portfolio. Both VW & Skoda
  • We must have 2 products under 10 lacs and advertise about it like a lead magnet. It should be UP and Polo. This customer is not for sales profit but service income and brand presence for better cars.
  • In the last 3-4 Years, the buyer has become aware of quality and safety with info platforms like Youtube and Forums. VW is a little late to the party with a product like Taigun, rivals already have better VFM products. See how Mahindra & Tata have rose which was not a threat 5 years back.
  • VW just need to have 4-5 fresh cars like UP, new-gen Polo, Virtus, Taigun, T-Toc, Tayron, Golf, Jetta, and Tiguan with multiple variants so that one can choose as per the requirement and budget.
  • VW pulled out of Diesel market at the wrong time and left Hyundai/Tata to party in the absence of Maruti. Maruti still has a great portfolio, reach and CNG to survive.
  • Need to ensure that Youtube reviews consider our cars and portray good points with emphasis.
  • Service cost ad campaign would help during Cricket matches, IPL or something.
  • Taigun Virtus need to have things fixed because returning customers are a little unhappy. At least have signature things like horn, windows up down, anti-pinch, no screws, bonnet insulation, underbody cover in place to attract buyers.
  • Sending cars to GNCAP voluntarily will help.
  • Need to think one step ahead of Hyundai and Mahindra, something like providing 6 airbags in a small car like Up and keeping the cost as 7.99 lacs for the top variant and Polo as 12.99 lacs (new gen 1.0 TSI). But we have to be one step ahead and market that.

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