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September 18, 2022

Honda WR-V 2 Airbags scores 1 star in Latin NCAP crash test

2 airbags equipped Honda WR-V scored 1 star in the crash tests. For adult and child occupant protection, the crossover received 16.41 and 19.92 points, respectively.

According to the test report, the car provided adequate head and neck protection for the driver and passengers, as well as adequate chest protection. The front occupants' knees provided only marginal protection. The driver's tibias were adequately protected, while the passenger's tibias were well protected. The footwell and bodyshell were deemed stable.

In the frontal impact test, the child seat for the 3-year-old dummy was able to prevent excessive forward movement of the head. During the side impact test, the child restraint system (CRS) provided adequate protection.

In the side impact test, the WR-V provided adequate protection to the head, abdomen, and pelvis. However, chest protection was minimal.

The WR-V scored 28.23 points for pedestrian protection. The test car was equipped with 2 airbags, ESC, Seat Belt Reminder and ISOFIX.

Info Source:  Team BHP & Latin NCAP

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