November 24

Honda Jazz – Walkaround and Drive review

This video is about the walkaround and drive review of Honda JAZZ.

Key points discussed

  • Exterior walkaround
  • Build quality
  • Interior quality
  • Drive review
  • Good for used market?

About Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz earned a positive reputation in India, both for new and pre-owned purchases. However, determining its suitability in the secondhand market involves considering several factors, such as the specific model year, condition, mileage, and pricing. Here are essential aspects to ponder when assessing a pre-owned Honda Jazz in India:


Honda vehicles are esteemed for their reliability. Generally, the Jazz is perceived as dependable. Nevertheless, it's crucial to engage a reliable mechanic to inspect the intended used vehicle to verify its condition.

Maintenance Expenses

Research anticipated maintenance costs for the Jazz, encompassing routine servicing and potential model-specific issues. Costs and availability of parts may fluctuate across regions.


The Honda Jazz is famed for its fuel efficiency, a significant consideration for many buyers. Review the mileage of the used car and compare it to other options within a similar price range.

Resale Value & Model Year

Honda cars typically uphold good resale value, although this hinges on the used vehicle's condition and market demand.

Model Year: Fresher models often integrate advanced features and enhanced safety and technology. Balance your budget and desired features when choosing the model year for a pre-owned Jazz.

Service History & Price

Request the service records for the intended used Jazz. A comprehensive service history is indicative of proper maintenance.

Price Comparison: Assess the price of the targeted used Jazz against similar models available. Ensure the asking price aligns reasonably with the car's age, condition, and mileage.

Ownership Expenses: Consider factors like insurance premiums and road tax to ascertain the overall ownership costs.

Test Drive & Market Dynamics

Test Drive: Always conduct a test drive to evaluate the handling, comfort, and overall condition of the used car.

Market Dynamics: Remember that market conditions fluctuate, affecting the value and availability of used cars. Conduct thorough research and exercise patience to secure the right deal.

Please watch the full video for detailed information.

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