May 22

Honda CITY vs Skoda SLAVIA | Real buyer analysis if MILEAGE and SAFETY is a priority

In this video, I am doing a comparison between Honda city and Skoda slavia. The purpose of this video is to help people who are confused between these two cars.

Here are some pro and cons of both cars as per Team-BHP.

Honda City Pros
  • Feeling of a premium sedan - comfort, looks, luxury - the rear bench is heavenly
  • Appreciable ride quality - smooths out the pothole riddled roads
  • Truly key-less entry and exit - configurable via the settings
  • Sporty engine note and exhilaration on revving beyond 5K RPM - rev happy engine
  • Paddle shifters - for that quick downshift while going over a ghat or attempting an overtake - in both the "S" mode as well as the "D" mode 
  • The "S" mode unleashes the beast to deliver the sportiness expected from this gem of a 1.5L Naturally Aspirated i-VTEC engine
  • ORVM allows a peek of the road from between the A-pillar and the mirror mounting point - reduces the blind-spot created by A-pillar
  • 3 point seat belt for all occupants - even for rear center passenger
  • It has 6 Airbags
  • Physical climate control knobs with a click on each turn - no need to fumble while driving
  • Hit the power button on infotainment system and it will be muted - handy to quickly silence the cabin while reversing or attending an incoming call
  • 8 speaker setup (on ZX) is fulfilling - needs to be tuned to your liking from the settings - works best with connected phone not so much with radio
  • All four windows as well as the sun-roof have pinch-guard, one-touch operation (on ZX) and can be opened using the key remotely.
  • No under-body scraping yet (in ~4 weeks of ownership)
  • Approx. 5L of reserve even when fuel tank level shows 0
  • Honda Connect App works as advertised, also maintains an automatic log of each trip with Distance, Avg. Speed and Trip Duration
Honda City Cons
  • Presence of hard plastics on the interiors
  • Stock tyres are under-sized - had to upgrade it as soon as the car moved out of showroom
  • IRVM is a size smaller for my liking & Boring mid-range rev.
  • Boring mid-range rev 
  • No electric/assisted seat adjustments and memory for seat adjustments & no passenger side seat adjustments
  • No cooled/ventilated seats
  • If the car is parked outside on a sunny afternoon the air conditioning can feel inadequate to the rear passengers
  • The sound insulation can be better - road noises do seep in, better than hatchbacks not so much when compared to premium sedans
  • No 360 degree camera feed and camera feeds (both lane change camera as well as reverse camera) is quite dated (feels like last decade) - Honda seriously needs to consider higher-resolution cameras with better low light performance 
  • The infotainment system looks dated - competition provides larger, more vibrant, higher-resolution displays for their infotainment system
  • With the sun-roof open on a sunny afternoon, the visibility of infotainment screen seems poor Slotting the transmission to "R" does not automatically mute/reduce volume of infotainment system - our Polo had this nifty feature
  • TPMS is more of a mathematical formula to determine deflation of a tyre and not really a pressure monitoring system
  • The front over-hang scraped twice in a period of ~4 weeks
  • The front center arm rest doesn't slide - can be an inconvenience
  • The Trip 1 doesn't reset to 0 automatically after a certain period of no use i.e. I need to remember to reset the Trip 1 before every journey - our Polo used to reset Trip A after two hours of being parked and it helped to check the trip stats. Honda Connect App maintains a trip log automatically for each journey and I now rely on the app more than the MID.
Skoda Slavia Pros
  • Ride and handling balance
  • Looks, it will age well
  • Tyre size of 205/55 offers good sidewall
  • Engine & gearbox combination- there's something for everyone
  • Comfortable-airy cabin & great ergonomics
  • Throw from headlights is strong (Achilles heel of Rapid)
  • Brakes are surefooted
  • 1.0 is an all rounder and there's nothing like 1.5TSi
  • Features like seat ventilation, Rake-reach steering, XDS, MCB, TC, ESP, E brake boost etc.
Skoda Slavia Cons
  • I need full underbody cover
  • Lights in the glove box is missing
  • No auto up-down on all 4 windows like Rapid
  • Ambition variant vis a vis Kushaq lacks features
  • Temperature & blower controls are fine but rest needed me to take my eyes off the road to fiddle with climatronic control
  • Not offering monte Carlo edition is a crime
  • Steering is precise but lacks feedback, would have liked more feedback atleast in the 1.5 TSi variant. I guess light EPS is the norm these days (I miss you fiesta)

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