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Vijendra Shenoy




Honda City ZX MT 5th Gen

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KMs on ODO


Avg. Service Cost

2,200 but 5000 for next one

Fuel Efficiency

12-20 kmpl

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Fuel Efficiency


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Niggles Faced
  • Only negative I see is infotainment system doesn't match the beautiful cabin and it looks outdated.
Review Comments

To start with, I wanted to buy a second hand car. Learn to drive perfectly, learn other aspects of car like spare parts, how different functionality works etc... Spent 2 months from June to August 2020. I could only find Maruti cars mostly but I wanted to buy a sedan and City was my top pick. Found one in the showroom but had rusting issues so decided to buy a new one.

My budget was 15-16 Lakhs and I was looking for an all-rounder which is good in most aspects. Rapid, Seltos, Verna and City were my shortlist.

Didn't go with Rapid even though owning a VW group car was my dream due to lot of gearbox, quality issues, bad service and the cost that comes with it. 

Didn't buy Seltos and Verna because their diesel engines are fantastic but my running is petrol sufficient.

And what better than one of the best naturally aspirated petrol engines from Honda.... So, decided to go with the City.

It's a perfect allrounder checking all my boxes. Ground clearance was not an issue and believe me. I have taken it on the tallest and biggest of speed breakers and it has never bottomed out. The trick is to slow down to 12 kmph or less.

Delivered on Nov 27th, 2020. One day after 26/11 as a respect to our martyrs. Didn't want to take delivery on that day.

Positives for me
  • Engine
  • Most comfortable leather seats
  • Space as good as a luxury car
  • Steering feedback (yet to drive VW)
  • Cabin quality and design
  • Great useful day to day features (keyless entry and walk-away auto-lock)
  • Sun roof
  • 5-star ASEAN NCAP (met with an accident with speeding vehicle hitting me from the side. That bastard was drunk. I couldn't feel a thing inside)
  • ABS+EBD helps in smooth breaking and inspires confidence at High speeds. Driven in heavy rains and works perfectly πŸ™‚
  • Reliability and trust of Honda with good and knowledgeable service advisors
  • Engine clutch and gearbox is just buttery smooth
  • AC is highly effective in cooling the cabin even though big and gets heated up quickly. Tested in coastal Karnataka, Goa and Kerala where you sweat as you step out.
Negatives for me
  • Lag in the mid range. Probably they should have increased the torque to compensate the additional 100 kgs weight from 4th gen
  • Infotainment system although not important for me looks odd one out in such a neat cabin
  • The front hand rest doesn't slide
  • Noise inside the cabin is higher than 4th gen
  • CVT although reliable and fuel efficient, feels laggy and hence went with manual for the fun.
  • The Honda connect app which is new and needs a lot of improvement.

Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency has been brilliant especially on highways as I was not expecting much and didn't buy for that reason. But, this is a bonus for me in the times of high fuel costs.

In bumper to bumper traffic which is rare in Mysore, it returns 11-12 kmpl.
In normal traffic conditions of city driving, it returns 13-15 kmpl depending on the driving style. On highways, we can easily extract 19-20 and 20+ based on gear changes done till 2500 RPM and max speed of 80-90 kmph.

If we drive really fast by revving high which I seldom do, it falls down to 17 kmpl which is still better than what I was expecting. Maybe, it's the DOHC over SOHC or something but I don't care as long as the car returns such good fuel economy. The MID and tank to tank till auto-cut is +/- 1 km accurate provided you check for 150-200 kms.
This is my experience of the Honda City 5th gen ZX MT 2020.

Options in 2022

If I had to buy today (budget: 20-22 Lakhs), I would test drive and check each and every aspect of the following cars to suit my requirements and then buy:

  • Slavia
  • Virtus
  • Harrier
  • City hybrid (not the 5th gen normal one)

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