Ford’s Future in India

May 2, 2021

It is so sad to see great carmkers like Ford, GM and Fiat leaving India whereas horrible Chinese like MG just offering only features and nothing else and average carmakers like Kia offering feature loaded unsafe tin cans. If such carmakers sell well then it will be difficult for even Toyota as well to survive in India. After all Toyota is selling those rebadged Maruti cars. Already Toyota is pi**ed by the Indian government’s absurd GST taxation. The only easy way in which Ford can survive in India is niche products.

They should get niche cars like new Mustang, Raptor and Focus performance version. Also Ford should consider launching Lincoln cars in India as Lincoln is owned by Ford and makes only luxury SUVs. This can cause a big blow to Range Rovers and the SUVS of the German trio. While selling niche products, Ford should use the money which they get from the niche products to invest in a capable mid size SUV with Ford DNA just like how SKODA and VW are doing. This is the only and last opportunity for Ford save its future in India.

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