Ford Figo Titanium facelifted

November 17, 2021

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Subhrajit Goswami




Ford Figo Titanium 1st gen facelifted

Year of purchase

2021 (second hand car), the previous owner bought it in 2015

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Fuel Efficiency

11-12 kmpl (in city) & 14-15 kmpl (highway)

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  • Air Conditioner
Review Comments

It was a huge upgrade from our previous car the Maruti Omni which was 20 years old and has served us a lot.

The Figo we brought belonged to one the senior colleagues of my father and we knew that the car is well maintained and well looked after. Our budget was strict and we are not looking forward anything more than 6 lakhs to spend in a car and when I researched in the market I found out that not any good car's top variant is available on that price and also my father said that its better we buy a used car in good condition rather than spending more money in a new car.

He came to knew that the owner of the Figo has brought a new Maruti Suzuki S-cross and now he is finding a good deal for his Figo and my father asked me is it a good car, frankly speaking I use to stare at that car for its company fitted gun metal alloys whenever it passes by our lane and I just loved it. Upon asked by my father I said that it is definitely a very good car but it has some cons as every car has, the first one is that the car has already done 78000 kms and for me it is a bit high, the previous owner does frequent long trips and thus it has covered 78k kms in just 5 years, and the second con that I told is that this car has a very poor fuel efficiency and the owner himself confirmed that in City it gives hardly 10 kmpl.

But my father said that its not important that how much kms it has done in the odometer if its well maintained, timely serviced (and we knew it was) then the car remains perfectly fine. So after some days we asked the owner for a test drive and he happily agreed and said you will love it and so did we, the car was so well looked after that the moment I sat on it I said to my " Dad lets buy it". 

I called upon one my friend who has one Figo 1st generation with his uncle and he drives it every now and then, he said that the car is great and said that you can buy it. So my father has finalised the deal and the owner said he wants 2.1 lacs for it and upon some discussions we came upon a final price of 1.9 lacs and it was a happy buying experience since the we already know the car and the owner is also a gem of a person he did the due service just two days before we bought the car and the car was even nicer. We received the car, both of its keys, all documents nicely maintained and also a original cover for Figo, along with a brand new dashboard polish lying in the glovebox. The document transfer took some time but now its complete.

The car is more good than what I expected, it has got the original ford's quality which we all know, it gets felt lining for door insulation, a very bassy music system that is a melody to ears, good plastics all around, and since it was the top variant it also gets two airbags as well with ABS and a stable architecture as per GNCAP, but the main highlight for me still remains the gun metal alloys which I think I can sleep with them. The Engine was a Duratec 1.2 4 Cylinder naturally aspirated petrol that generates 70 bhp of peak power and 102 nm of peak torque which is adequate for us since we have moved from Maruti Omni.

Some of the most important things we liked in this car are:

Ford Figo Titanium Pros
  • The build Quality - the door thud, the pannel gaps, the plastics, the metal sheet quality, all these things are just so good.
  • The comfort - My mom never liked to sit on the omni's back seat because the leaf springs just toss you up on bad roads but now she always sits at the back and enjoys the ride. The suspension are stiff on slow speeds but once you are above 60kmph it handles most of the undulations, pot holes very
  • Handling and Stability - The first gen Figo gets a hydraulic power steering that gives you immense feel and feedback when you drive it, the weight of the steering wheel is a bit heavy for those who drive modern Maruti's like Swift or Hyundai cars like grandi10 or the i20. But the way this car handles is just something else, the steering is pin point accurate it tales the car in exact that path to which you point to and needs no midway corrections even at speeds above 100 kmph. At highspeed the car remain rock steady and offers tremendous confidence for super quick direction changes. If I have to say the body control is unmatchable, the only car that stays in line with this is definitely the Polo.
  • Music system - there's no specific brand mentioned in the speakers but the sound quality is impeccable, everybody who sits in the car and listens to it just loves it and now I started liking it more than my home theatre.
  • Paint quality - Even after 6 years the paint maintains its gloss because of good care of course and still shines very well when washed or wiped with a microfiber.
  • Space - this car has more space than the new generation Figo, the rear seat is offers great support, it holds you firmly and the legroom, kneeroom is also excellent. A person who is above 6foot might have a problem of headroom in the rear seat. The boot space is also large at 284 litre I guess for a small hatchback.
  • There are more positives that I admire about this car like the timeless looks, bassy exhaust sound, excellent quality (no rattling noises so far), and low sitting (feels like sportscar).
Ford Figo Titanium Cons
  • Low ground clearance
  • Mileage (not a concern for us because we don't have much running).

Once there was a constant noise coming from the tailgate, at first we thought it was from the suspension but later we cone to know that it was coming from the tailgate itself, then we went to nearest ford service center, the mechanic adjusted the pivot which holds the tailgate when closed and the sound was gone, they even drove the car on really bad roads after adjusting that pivot and we are pretty satisfied.

But after couple of days the sound returned, and honestly it was a very annoying sound, when we encounter some rough roads that sound will start and ruin the whole experience but interestingly one day my friend told me that he faced that same issue in his 8 year old polo and it is due the the wear out of the rubber piece that surrounds that pivot, and he said that just take some black cello tape and wound it above that rubber piece and make it as thick as its original dimension, I did that and now the sound has completely vanished. 

And the air conditioner issue which I have selected arrived just few days after we brought the car, the problem was that sometimes the blower just stopped working randomly the AC compressor was working fine but the blower was not working, suddenly it starts to work and suddenly it stops sometimes, we went to the ford service center and the mechanics there thoroughly checked all the connections starting from blower motor, relay, fuse and connected them tightly again, and the issue was solved, but one day suddenly it again stopped working that day my father just gave a tap near the glove box and it started working fine, from that day
that problem never returned and we are just amazed how it got solved, it was kind of a miracle.

I love my car and I'm very very happy with my car.

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