January 30

Ford Endeavour – Detailed Walkaround and Review

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This video is about the detailed walkaround and review of Ford Endeavour. We talked about all the key points of the this full-size SUV including Road Presence, Engine, exterior, interior & driving experience.
Ford Endeavour Pros
  • A big all-rounded SUV with no real deal breaker. Fantastic pricing as well
  • Macho styling packs appeal. Solid build quality matches the butch presence
  • Cabin is a nice place to be in. Likeable design, comfy seats & lots of storage
  • Competent range of diesel engines. The 3.2L, especially, is very impressive
  • Great balance between ride & handling for a body-on-frame SUV. Sweet steering too
  • Offroad ready - Terrain Management System, rear diff lock, 225 mm GC & 800 mm of water wading
  • 5 star safety: all wheel disc brakes, ESP & TC, 7 airbags, roll stability control, hill launch assist etc.
  • Loaded to the gill with features! Panoramic sunroof, 8" touchscreen ICE + 10 speakers, parallel park assist, powered tailgate, xenon headlamps, triple-zone climate control & more
Ford Endeavour Cons
  • Fortuner's cabin is roomier, offering more headroom & space at the back
  • 2.2L engine feels lethargic over 120 kph. Not a fast highway express
  • Mediocre fuel economy due to the fat 2,200+ kilo weight, AT & big diesel (3.2L)
  • Ingress is difficult for the elderly / short folk. 3rd row access is terrible!
  • Waiting periods are already a couple of months long
  • No manual gearbox with the 3.2L. Fortuner 3.0L is available with an MT

Info Source: Team BHP

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