January 31

February 2022 QnA Session | 21 Questioned Answered

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In our February 2022 Q&A Session, So members, just to keep the number of short videos lesser, I have decided to compile the best 21 questions every week and try to answer them every Sunday evening.

Here are the topics which we discussed & some questions we answered in this QnA Session.

  • Polo CNG Possible or not
  • Should we buy a Polo now as gen might launch soon
  • Polo showing engine light after CNG
  • Any alternate for seat covers to protect seats
  • Can I use Jopasu duster daily
  • Flex engine impact on buyer
  • Skoda Slavia 1.5 DSG vs XUV 7OO Petrol
  • Worried about Taigun quality and EPC Error
  • Car RPM not revving over 4000 after service
  • EPC error in 1.0 TSI only
  • Compass or Tiguan
  • Replace Vento vs Slavia
  • T-Roc vs XUV 7OO
  • Octavia vs Compass
  • Taigun reliable for 9 years?
  • Cement spots on the car paint solution
  • Does Turbo need a minimum of 2000 RPM to kick in
  • Is service every year necessary without running 15000 KMs
  • When to change Transmission Oil in VW Polo
  • Can we retrofit power windows in Comfortline VW Polo
  • How to make Yellow Taigun look good with so much bad looking chrome

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QnA Session

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