March 30

Exterior Car Wash at home

I have been using VW Polo for last 7 years and my next car surely will be either VW T-Roc or VW Taigun. I cannot even think of buying another brand because of the quality VW provides as compared to other brands. It’s safety, build quality, ride quality, engine durability, parts durability, plastics and paint quality is best among the competitors under 22 lacs budget.

VW Polo is the only car that comes with the 4 years paint warranty and 10 years anti perforation warranty. No other brand provides such warranty for the paint.

Here in the video, I have explained few things regarding how I have kept my car so well in last 7 years and driving 87000 kms It is very important to keep your car clean, wash it every 15 days, get it serviced annually, change tyres after 40,000 KMs and be aware about other maintenance jobs.

Some important tips for your regular car wash

  • Always use Microfiber cloth for your car. Have 3 separate clothes for Interior, Exterior and Drying.
  • Avoid getting your car wash from road side mechanics, always prefer service center or 3M/Castrol washing service centers. Have your own products in the car in case of emergency.
  • Use lubricant spray on bird poops.
  • Avoid using hair shampoo or utensils liquid for your car. Prefer Car Shampoo from 3M or Formula 1
  • Use Top to Bottom approach while washing your car, avoid circular motion of the cloth, rather use the cloth in straight lines to clean your car.
  • Use Wax Polish for better gloss of paint
  • Use Tyre Dresser to enhance the look of tyres with blackish shine.
  • Avoid washing your car in sun shine as shampoo will dry off quickly and may leave marks.
  • Use Car Glass Cleaner instead of Colin

Products that are used and you can buy on Amazon

3M Car Care Kit

Water Magnet/Towel

Wash Mit

Microfiber cloth

Water Spray Gun

3M Shampoo

Glass Cleaner

Tyre Dresser

Liquid Wax

If you have questions, please let me know in the comments below or contact me

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