July 28

Elite i20 Ownership Review after 50,000 KMs

My brother's take on his Elite i20 Sportz - Petrol

It was a long overdue to post ownership video of my Brother's Elite i20 that he bought in 2017. So far he has done 57000 KMs and overall feels happy with his car. Things that he really likes in his car are space, practicality, music system and airy feel. He has done good number of trips to Himachal & Uttrakhand and didn't face much of on-road issue or driving issues on these trips.

Some issues that he has consistently faced are; He feels his car is underpowered especially on low RPMs and 2,3 gear. He has got his AC/Timing (not sure) timing belt changed 4 times and have replaced complete AC Unit last year which has cost him around Rs 32000. He wasn't really happy the way Hyundai service men treat customer's cars. He has discussed everything in the 2nd part of the video.

Mileage, safety and issues faced

Service cost is nominal around Rs 4500 to Rs 6500 and service interval is 10,000 KMs

Down the line couple of years, if he will change his car, he really likes Tata Harrier. He will choose Tata Harrier because of its looks, butch and Tata's safety promise despite service being a gamble.

If he will get a chance to reverse his decision, he might go for VW Polo because isn't really impressed with the safety rating of Elite i20 that has scored 3 stars in GNCAP South Africa. He isn't really impressed with some metal parts as well and has discussed that in detail in the video.

This video was spontaneously done without discussing anything discussed prior making the video. We were having Tea and some Kebabs and then suddenly I decided to do this quick drive review.

Please share the video if you find it helpful and leave your comments below for the questions and suggestions/corrections. Your opinions are deeply respected.

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