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Contact and talk with Mr.Munish if you are planning to buy a new or used car along with insightful technical support and input regarding after sales services like Maintenance, getting out of mechanical cum technical fault, parts replacement concise guidance, regarding critical components, right from Insurance policy coverages, Modifications, Remapping and tuning, Tyres, surface refinement and Repairs.

Mr. Ashish Gupta

Brand Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India

At the outset, I would like to thank both Munish and Sunder for your continuous patronage, emphatic contribution and support to Brand Volkswagen. The in-depth videos and content prepared has always been developed with great passion, is well-researched, insightful and corroborated with facts.

What You’ll Get During This Consultation Call

An honest opinion, backed with facts/stats with detailed technical insights that not only will help you in your purchase (or other services) decision but will enlighten you with comprehensive knowledge which will stay with you forever. The idea behind providing this paid service is to get into a minute detail of a customer to provide him with explicit options after deep painstaking analysis.

What you’ll do before the Call

Fill the consultation form that is tailor made to understand your requirements. Book a time/date when Mr.Munish should call you. 

Pay via QR Code on the confirmation page.

What happens during the Call

Discuss in detail about the new/used car options as per the package selected. Discussion could be done on tuning, modification, insurance, battery, coatings, service, technical advice and repairs too.

What happens after the Call

You will be provided online support for a month or as per the package that you have decided. If you wish to extend the discussion or want to analyse even further. Online support includes WhatsApp Messages, Audio Recording and Email.

Pricing Plans

New/used car below 25 lacs

Detailed analysis on a phone call for 20 minutes

  • Three 20 minute phone calls
  • One month Whatsapp audio and chat support after the purchase
  • Maintenance tips for the lock-in period
  • Assistance in Insurance and accessories recommendation 
luxury car or above 25 lacs

Detailed analysis on a phone call for 20 minutes

  • Five 20 minute phone calls
  • Two month Whatsapp audio and chat support after the purchase
  • Maintenance tips for the lock-in period
  • Assistance in Insurance and accessories recommendation
Maintenance, service, insurance, battery, tyres, tuning, ppf - consultation services

Have a question? Munish has an answer. Service fee starts from as less as:

  • FREE - Any technical question on WhatsApp - 7696843567
  • Rs 300 - BATTERY REPLACEMENT - Whatsapp Audio Assistance
  • Rs 500 - INSURANCE and SERVICE Queries - 5 Minute Phone Call and 15 Days Chat Support 
  • Rs 1000 - PPF, Ceramic Coating, Accessories and Repairs - 10 Minute Phone Call and 30 Days Chat Support
  • Rs 3000 - Engine tuning and mapping - 15 Minutes Phone Call (Four) and 30 Days Chat Support

About Munish Sharma

Comes from the science background, automobile wizard who loves to experiment on technology in his garage, loves to dive deep in all kind of auto tech, assisting customers offline in Punjab for over 10 years in car buying, service and modifications.

Otherwise a medical supplies businessman in Ludhiana/Jalandhar region. Not driven by money, but passion to assist others.

Exclusive technical videos posted on Youtube with Mr.Munish

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A cult on Youtube


I think VW shud make this guy as a brand ambassador in all its marketing campaigns and content. What more can a brand expect from such well-read and passionate fans. volksSWAG... And even the VW staff and factory workers need to be shown Manish's video to inculcate passion and awareness towards VW brand.

Karan bhogal

Really appreciate knowledge your are sharing with us.. many car enthusiasts also not have this much technical knowledge about cars. You guys are doing great job. Keep sharing knowledge like this, it will help India buyer to choose car wisely.

Paras pahuja

His research & explanation forced me to reconsider my decision - venue AT or xuv 300 AT? And I brought home a rocket - a pre owned Polo tsi AT. I strongly suggest that ppl should at least test drive VW vehicles before finalizing their new car...


Mr Manish has done mastery in all type of gearbox and engine aspects. Genuine knowledge, rare video like this both people spread real truth. Thanks both.

Car pedia

I was eagerly waiting for this video. This man is a true legend, very knowledgeable indeed hats off to him and paaji showing truth of vw cars, hopefully now more people will understand about this company and stop buying poorly build  cars.

Proud Owner of Slavia

Ajay ahuja

Sunderdeep and Munish. Thank you for bringing quality content. This is a great value add from an information and learning perspective. Munish, your quest for getting to the bottom of anything is very evident and it's now getting leveraged at a mass scale. Great going, really appreciate it. Wish you both all the very best !


Manish Sir is Gyan Sagar. If anyone from VAG is watching this then pls use this video, split into smaller parts & use it to advertise urself.

Prakash sangle

Very well explained about quatro technical terms. This rocket science gives us boom ideas about Blue motion and four motion stability . Salute to your knowledge, no words for it. I am really speechless. Lovely video which gives us pin point knowledge.

Machel Appan

Manish Ji you are from a different world.. I never heard some one who has this much knowledge about VW. I am a proud owner of Skoda Rapid TDI DSG. Gem of a vehicle.

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