'Wuerth' Brake Cleaner Degreaser Spray

Why You Need This Product

It is a must have in your car maintenance kit. Over the time, your car brakes accumulate dirt and grime in your drum and disc brakes. Service centers do charge hefty at the name of Brake Cleaning but they seldom do. It is advisable to use it after 3 months for each brake of your car to clean all the dirt, grime and grease.

Prefer going to a local mechanic and ask him to clean your brakes using this product instead of him allowing to use any local product.

Highlights of Brake Cleaner

Removes  brake dust

Fast and effective removal of soot, grease, brake dust and oily residues.

Residue-free cleaning

Leaves no residue after spray and keeps brake surface neat and shiny.

Degrease with ease

For cleaning and degreasing during maintenance and repair work


Compatible for bikes and cars


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Must Disc Spray for Every Riders Love

Delivered very early and without damage.Product is very good goosame product is used in showroom for cleaning disc brakes...

Lohith sk

Does the job, will recommend

Tried the brake cleaner on my KTM. There was screeching noise from the brakes. Now it's gone. Brale feels good. Should see how long the effect lasts. Anyways I'm happy with the product


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe if i directly spray it on the disc plate of my bike?

Does it removes dust around disk brakes?

Hi, is this for cars or for motorcyles?

Can i clean my car brakes without disassembly?

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