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Dr. Rishab Ghosh


Durgapur (West Bengal)


BMW X1, sDrive 20D Xline(with optional MSport extras)

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14 kmpl

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Its been a joy owning the BMW X1, this one is the top of the line variant and I will share my ownership experience. I use this vehicle primarily for long trips, highway runs and out of station journeys where I drive it. I use a secondary car for my city runs.


The vehicle looks handsome, well proportionate, bold, has good road presence Looks sexy and in this sparkling metallic brown color which was new at that time looks quite unique wrt to other bimmers which are mostly in Mediterranean blue or Polar White pearl.

Inside Space and Comfort

Extremely comfortable, hugely spacious, and I mean it you really need to get inside one to see the space. My whole laparoscopic instrument set along with displays fit in with enough boot left. Have done rather long trips as well with loads of luggage. Its very very practical and the primary reason I chose this over a 3 series of BMW and Mercedes C class.

I chose White leather seats with oak wood trim which in my opinion looks best. Would have loved an option of tan though which isn't there.

The seats are supremely comfortable which makes you very comfortable for long long drives. Both for the driver and passenger. The AC works outstanding good the huge panoramic sunroof adds to the airiness of the already spacious car and that too in white interiors. Huge boot space and sufficient legroom.

Engine and Performance

I drive this myself. And I love it. Its fast, agile and picks up speed really quick. Reaches 120 in no time and you can maintain speeds of 140 and above all day if roads allow without breaking a sweat and the cabin stays extremely calm and quiet. You can easily touch 200 if your roads allow though highly not recommended for our rather unsafe highways. The 2 litre diesel of BMW is a gem and is the best of both worlds. I have a really heavy right foot and I drive fast, still it manages quite decent fuel efficiency. Every time you drive it it will bring a massive smile to your face. The 3 series drives even better considering its low slung but it touches most bumps so I went for the X1.

Build Quality

Impeccable German build, really nothing to find fault with there.

Why I chose BMW X1 Diesel
  • I wanted a luxury car that seats 4-5. Always had a bias and partiality towards BMW as its really a drivers delight. The petrol is cheaper by 3 lakhs yet I went for diesel because its more torquey and more fun to drive.
  • There’s virtually no competition to this one if SUV is your taste and you go road tripping very often. My other considerations were 3 series and c class but both were sedans. The C class is BEST if you are chauffeur driven. The 3 series for those who don’t have to deal with bad roads at all. Go for it man, that thing is a damn sports car, but its really low slung, god help you in our terrible Indian roads.
  • Will highly advise you to test drive and experience the x1 or any car for that matter before coming to a conclusion on any car. That way you can decide better if the car is suitable for you and your family.

I guess you might have understood how I absolutely love my car and its really perfect in my opinion. But I will try writing things that I don’t like as well.

Things I don't like
  • BMW OSL PRESTIGE KOLKATA WORKSHOP service is mediocre at best. Not that their car service per se is bad, but they take an entire day for a basic service and are not punctual.
  • You can’t keep this as your only car. I have a Hyundai as well for regular city runs through congested places.
  • Costly service
  • In such a costly vehicle they have omitted cruise control which is unacceptable. Instead they have given a speed limiter. I don’t need it but many do.
  • Pirelli Run Flat tyres are stiff and make the ride a bit too stiff at times. Also very prone to cuts. Unsuitable for Indian roads. Cost a bomb to replace as well.
  • The 18 inch alloys look sexy but the ones with 17 inch actually have a more plush ride.
  • The ride is good and finds a right balance with a bit more inclination towards driving dynamics. If chauffeur driven, i will again say go for Mercedes C class. BMWs are primarily for the driving dynamics, but at the same time its at par comfy for the rear passengers as well. Its the suspension that feels a tad stiff at some times.
  • Its one of the most in demand luxury vehicles worldwide not just in India so extremely hard to bargain or find a good deal while buying.

Things I Absolutely Love 💗

  • Looks.
  • Build quality and feel of materials, there's no beating the Germans there
  • An absolute cracker to drive

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