June 29

Best Value For Money Variants for Skoda Kushaq

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Has Skoda missed the trick by not providing 6 airbags in AT Variant?

Skoda Kushaq priced at around 10.50 lacs to 17.50 as discussed by me many times in the past. This pricing has disappointed many because they were expecting it to be under 10 lacs which was never going to happen. Skoda always have positioned themselves higher than Koreans or Japanese.

After analysing each variant closely, I find 1.0 Active Base Variant, 1.0 MT Style and 1.5 TSI MT really value for money.

Active 1.0 - Rs 10.49 Lacs
Style 1.0 MT - 14.49 Lacs
Style 1.5 MT - 16.19 Lacs

Do watch video above to understand why I feel these 3 variants provide great value over other variants which are tad expensive by 50K - 80K

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