May 12

Best second hand cars under 7 Lacs

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Has COVID revived second hand car market like never before?

Ever since COVID has broken out, in the last 14 months or so, people are opting for their own 2 and 4 wheelers to avoid pubic/rush in local buses, trains, 3 wheelers and other public transport to keep themselves safe and keep socially distant.

In 2020 alone, sales were 50% more as compared to 2019 in second hand car market.

Even though people are preferring cars like Alto, Swift, Baleno, Bolero, Fortuner etc there are many cars that are actually better than above cars.

What cars are reliable in the second hand market?

Here my preference will remain as quality, safety and durability. If you are out in the market with 7 lacs budget but want a complete peace of mind as you just drive it around 20 kms daily to your office, then you should look at cars like Maruti S-Presso, Hyundai Santro and Maruti Wagon R

If you want better cars with good driving dynamics, highway stability, safe for passengers and more power then do check Ignis, Figo, Tiago and Polo

I would personally prefer Petrol cars with under 80,000 on ODO would be Honday City 3rd Gen, Toyota Etios and Liva, Polo 1.2 MPI, EcoSport 1.5 Petrol, Rapid and Vento with 1.6 MPI, Maruti S-Cross and Ignis.

Do have a mechanic with you to close the deal and do ensure to check denting marks, Insurance history, Battery Life or change date, Tyres Warranty and change date.

For Automatic cars, prefer Torque Convertor & CVT. Avoid DCT in a second hand car.

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