May 24

Best Looking cars that are discontinued now in India

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Why good looking cars have disappeared now?

India have always been a tough market for global manufacturers because it is being monopolised by 2-3 brands because of their wide network, trust and cheap maintenance. Over the years many great designed cars, mechanically sound and physically robust had to struggle because of the ignorant approach by the buyers.

But buyers are not to be blamed alone. Manufacturers failed to ramp up their network or didn't take care of existing customers due to which these brands/cars struggle to cop up with Indian market. Some cars that are discussed in the video had mechanical issues, electrical failures, reliability issues, poor parts availability and resale which resulted in their fate. Some brands left because of their global bankruptcy despite doing fine in India.

4 meter rule to blame poor designed cars in India?

Some cars were simply discontinued because they wanted to make way for a new car and didn't want existing car to cannibalise sales for the new comer.

Over the years, designs of the cars are degraded because of 4 meter rule where brands try to build a car staying within 4 meters which doesn't make cars look as great as they were earlier. Cars like EcoSport, XUV3OO, Ameo, Quanto, Venue have odd ball shape and proportions aren't great like above 4 meter cars.

In the video, I have discussed 13 cars that I believe were ahead of their times and will have great potential today if they are upgraded with better interiors and better Engines.

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