September 17

Best cars under 12 Lacs

Why I feel Vento, Ecosport and XUV3OO are best under 13 lacs

In this video I have explained my analysis about the cars within 8-12 lacs segment after visiting multiple showrooms of different brands.

We have multiple options in this segment including premium hatchbacks, compact sedans, mid size sedans and compact SUVs.

No car is perfect

No car is perfect but I have considered Quality, Safety and powerful Petrol Engines as a benchmark. There are lot of good cars in this segment like Polo, Altroz, Amaze, City and Seltos but 3 cars that stood out as the most Value For Money as per the features & quality on offer.

Mahindra XUV3OO

According to me Mahindra XUV3OO tops the list with above par build quality, 5 stars GNCAP safety, 7 airbags, sunroof, dynamic ride quality & lot of other convenience/safety features. 

Volkswagen Vento

2nd in the list is understated timelessly designed Volkswagen Vento. It is coming with heavy discounts and top model cost just around 11 lacs with a TSI Engine, 4 Airbags and lot of other convenience features. It comes with 4 years standard warranty and 2 years extendable warranty.

Ford EcoSport

3rd in the list Ford EcoSport which has proved its mettle for last 7 years in the market. It has a naturally aspirated 1.5 Ltr Petrol Engine which makes around 150 nm Torque and 120 BHP Power. It has paddle shifters in automatic variant, build like a tank and comes with 6 airbags.

Please do your own analysis and let me know if you find any other car as a better value for money.

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