November 17

Auto Headlamps – ‘Switch On Time Settings’ in VW Skoda Cars

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In this video, I just want to share some important information regarding the auto headlamps of troc and other volkswagen cars. Please watch the full video for the information.

Auto headlamp information in VW Cars

Automatic headlight range control

This feature ensures optimal headlight positioning and road illumination. Regardless of your car's load, it maintains a consistent beam range, preventing glare for oncoming drivers by adjusting the headlights' angle automatically.

Available in static or dynamic versions, the static system compensates for passenger and luggage weight, utilizing data from tilt sensors, the electronic speedometer, and ABS braking control.

The dynamic system goes further, adjusting headlight settings during acceleration, deceleration, and constant speed by swiftly processing speed signal changes. It complies with legal requirements for vehicles equipped with Bi-Xenon headlights.

Dusk sensors

Our dusk sensors detect low light levels, activating headlights automatically for safer driving. Placed near the rain sensor, these sensors switch on dipped headlights in low-light conditions such as tunnels, nighttime, or dusk.

Activating the auto setting for headlights enables the dusk sensors, and they deactivate when returning to adequate light levels.

Coming Home / Leaving Home System

Enhancing convenience, this system keeps various lights, like dipped-beam headlights, courtesy lights in exterior mirrors, rear lights, and number-plate lighting, illuminated momentarily after exiting your car before switching off automatically.

Similarly, unlocking your car with the remote control triggers these lights, guiding your way to or from your front door in the dark. Specific functions may vary by model, so refer to model pricelists for details.

Please watch the full video for detailed information.

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