September 28

August 2022 QnA Session | Is Honda planning something big?

Here are the topics which we discussed & some questions we answered in this QnA Session.

  • Safety ratings vs build vs safety equipment
  • Fortuner or Tiguan or Tucson
  • Value for money driver's car
  • New polo expected date of launch
  • Why is T-Roc not coming to India
  • How Skoda is selling more cars than VW
  • When will the latest VW Skoda cars will get tested in GNCAP
  • Altroz alternatives
  • Will Ford come back to India
  • Risks involved in buying discontinued second-hand cars
  • Best fuel-efficient car under 25 lacs in Bangalore
  • Why VW Virtus booking period is so high despite fewer deliveries
  • Are Virtus and Slavia different from each other
  • Does dynamics and electronics make a brand better in safety
  • Honda's plans for future
  • Difference between 1.5 TSI and 1.0 TSI
  • Best car under 10 lacs in manual transmission
  • Will Hyryder and Vitara affect sales of Taigun/Kushaq
  • Will Hyryder and Vitara affect sales of Taigun/Kushaq
  • Why Citroen C3 should do to sell more
  • What if MQB A0 IN fail in crash test

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