January 31

Are Automobile channels BIASED on Youtube? Time for deep introspection

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Over the last few years, I have observed that many established Youtubers are running an agenda against some brands or they are blindly favoring one or two brands without talking about other brands' qualities. They will portray only negative points but not talk about the qualities. For the brands they like, they will talk only about the good things but not the negatives. 

Some general opinions that I believe comes under running an agenda are:

  • Making a narrative that only Indian car brands provide safe cars
  • VW/Skoda are very high to maintain
  • VW Turbo Engines have less mileage
  • VW/Skoda cars are unreliable
  • All Maruti cars are unsafe
  • All Hyundai/Kia cars are unsafe
  • Chinese brands are unsafe

Here I have talked about some narratives that I have observed that I believe are impacting an average buyer. Yes, we do need to promote safety but portraying others in the bad light to highlight that fact isn't fair and being soft on the brand that you like when something goes wrong isn't ethical either.

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