December 11

All about Car Tyres | New Michelin Tyres for my VW T-Roc

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So dear viewers, all was going fine and I had no intentions to change my Bridgestone stock tyres that came with my T-Roc in 2020 (215/55/R17). However, I wasn't very happy with the wear they were showing just after 10,000 KMs. They started making a weird noise at high speeds and started to show up with small cracks. It was evident that these tyres won't last long and were always prone to punctures or a tyre burst.

Last week, when I was driving back from the market to my Hotel in Kasauli in the dark evening, my tyre burst in a midway. I had a tough time opening the lug nuts so was helped by the locals to change the burst tyre with the spare tyre. 

That day itself, I decided that once I will reach Ludhiana, I will change it with new tyres. After doing some research, I zeroed in on Michelin Primacy 4 ST tyres. So, in this video, I have narrated the whole experience of getting my tyres replaced from an authorized Michelin shop in Ludhiana. 


It is important that you always get new tyres from an authorized dealer after checking their status on the official website, always check conditional and unconditional warranty, register warranty on your phone number, maintain proper pressure and get balancing/alignment on time. 

Check the percentage of circumference here and ensure that it doesn't exceed more than 2%

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